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squareone isn't a company, it's a concept
when you get a little out-of-control, we get you back to square one!
we provide Design - as - a - Service

we bring together teams to accomplish high-value outcomes

the Equipment and Hardware are just tools, and the Products of Design are Functional Systems
that are easy to utilize, rock-solid reliable, and that help enable those desired outcomes
the current hot-button goal of bringing as much of the team back into the office
in an effort to gain back the productivity and accountability of traditional workforce structures
has been significantly challenged by the benefits of reduced commutes and work/life balance considerations
technology tools that facilitate and bridge the gap between hybrid remote team members
and in-office teams can alleviate the disconnection that has plagued many organizations
as they have struggled with this sea change
hybrid work strategies require thoughtful planning to ensure that teams are aligned and cohesive
regular team meetings, both hybrid, virtual, and in-person, can help synchronize goals, share progress,
and maintain a sense of unity among team members
office space utilization can be optimized by implementing these well thought-out strategies
our over-reaching goal is to help maintain a strong sense of team member engagement and well-being
building strong communication channels to foster a positive company culture and provide opportunities
for social interactions and team building activities must remain top-of-mind and heart
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